For Homeowners: 

  • Step 1 - Dream It! Homeowners can explore and dream up home improvements with purpose and precision. The platform learns homeowner objectives and design sensibilities and guides them to personalize a Styleboard, which is then translated into an actionable plan. 
  • Step 2 - Plan It! Get instant and comprehensive project cost estimates for your project that are uniquely tailored to your design preferences, budget parameters, and location. 
  • Step 3- Price It! Sit back while Emprove sends a detailed project pricing brief (brief) package to multiple qualified contractors. They submit their best price and you pick the one who presents you the best value. 
  • Step 4- Build It! The contractor builds your project.

For Contractors:

  • Step 1- Without having to pay any lead fees, contractors receive an invitation to submit a price in response to an emailed brief for a real project that has been matched to their profile. 
  • Step 2- Upon accepting the invitation to price it, the contractor is provided access to the online pricing platform where they can review the full brief package and efficiently submit their price. 
  • Step 3- Shortlisted contractors from the initial pricing submission conduct a site visit with the homeowner to confirm pricing assumptions and update their proposal if necessary.
  • Step 4- Successfully complete the project.
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