Items purchased by the Contractor which will require the Homeowner's selection or approval.  The cost of OSI’s shall be included in the total price.

Examples of items that are typically OSI’s:

  • Faucet Fixture;
  • Stone Countertop Slab Material;
  • Wall Cabinet Faces;
  • Wall Cabinet Hardware;
  • Floor Tile Material;
  • Wall Tile Material;
  • Downlight Fixture;
  • Refrigerator
  • etc.

Examples of items that are not typically OSI’s:

  • Cost of All Labor
  • Faucet Plumbing Piping;
  • Countertop Substrate Material;
  • Wall Cabinet Blocking Material;
  • Floor Tile Adhesive;
  • Wall Tile Cement Board;
  • Downlight Wiring;
  • Refrigerator Plumbing Tubing;
  • etc.
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