An organized set of steps uniquely defined by Emprove with the objective to allow the homeowner to comprehensively convey the scope of their project, efficiently solicit competitive Pricing from qualified contractors, and ultimately select their contractor with confidence and transparency.  The steps are generally as follows:

  • Homeowner browses our Style It! photos for project design inspiration;
  • Homeowner creates a Styleboard for their project;
  • Homeowner leverages our Estimate It! tools to refine and conclude its project scope of work;
  • Emprove prepares a comprehensive Pricing Brief for the homeowner's project;
  • Emprove sends the pricing brief to multiple contractors and solicits their pricing;
  • Contractors submit their prices to Emprove; 
  • Emprove compiles the pricing and prepares a side-by-side comparative summary for homeowner review;
  • Based on their review of the comparative summary the homeowner Shortlists 1 to 3 contractors to conduct a site visit of their project;
  • Shortlisted contractors conduct site visits and either revise or confirm their preliminary pricing submissions;
  • Homeowner makes a confident and transparent decision on which contractor to hire based on final pricing submissions. 

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