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At Emprove, contractors provide cost proposals to homeowners for projects that are well-defined and ready to go. There are no lead fees associated with submitting proposals. Contractors provide a preliminary proposal that is subject to meeting the homeowner and conducting a project site inspection. Proposals are adjusted, if needed, and finalized after the inspection. 

Below is a detailed overview of the process:

1.  Homeowners use Emprove to create a home improvement project.

2.  Emprove provides homeowners with a conceptual cost estimate of their project to help them conclude on a scale and quality of scope that they can generally afford. The conceptual cost estimate is not an offer to provide services, nor a guarantee of actual costs. The actual costs of the project will be as identified by the final cost proposal of the contractor who is selected by the homeowner at the conclusion of the pricing process.

3.  Emprove then provides homeowners with a detailed Project Pricing Brief (brief) document that clearly conveys the scope of work the homeowner intends to undertake. When they are ready to go, homeowners submit their brief to the contractor for the pricing process.

4.  The first step of the pricing process is for Emprove to identify a set of contractors, who are uniquely qualified to performed the work identified in the brief. These are the Matched Contractors for the project. Our objective is to provide at least 3 prices to the homeowner for review, but not more than 5.

5.  Matched Contractors receive an email invitation from Emprove to submit a price for the project. The email provides details of the project for the contractor’s consideration. A link is provided where contractors can “Agree to Price” the project for free or they can “Pass” on it.

6.  In effort to convey the size of the project to each Matched Contractor, Emprove provides an Estimated Project Value Range. This range is Emprove’s estimate of project value yet contractors are not limited to providing a price value within this range in any way.

7.  Upon accepting to price the project, and only if the contractor does not already have an activated profile with Emprove, the contractor will be asked to setup their profile. It is important new contractors complete the Expertise section of their profiles as this is the information Emprove uses to match contractors for future projects. Specifically, contractors should ensure they complete Trade Expertise, Project Specialty, and Contractor License information.

8.  Upon activating their profiles, Emprove will take the contractor through the pricing process, step-by-step. The following articles provide detailed instructions for each step:

9.  Upon completing the initial pricing process, the contractor will submit its preliminary pricing to the homeowner, which is contingent upon a project site inspection and associated bid adjustment. There are no costs associated with the preliminary pricing submission, it is completely free to submit.

10.  Emprove provides each preliminary pricing to the homeowner for their review. The homeowner shortlists 1 to 3 contractors to progress further in the pricing process and conduct a project site inspection.

11.  Shortlisted contractors review site conditions, present the homeowner with questions for clarification, and then are provided the opportunity to adjust their price accordingly, if necessary. Finalized prices are submitted to the homeowner for final review.

12.  The homeowner selects their preferred contractor based on final pricing submissions.

13.  At time of selection, only the selected contractor will be charged a Success Fee. All unsuccessful contractors will conclude the pricing process without having paid any fees.

14.  The selected contractor and homeowner formally engage into an agreement directly with one another, not through Emprove. Emprove does not administer nor is party to the formal agreement.

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