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This article serves as a guide for homeowners as they complete the first step of creating a project plan:

OBJECTIVES of this step:

For Emprove to gain an understanding of:

  • How much work the homeowner intends to undertake for their remodel project.
  • The desired quality of the homeowner's project

TIPS for this step:

1.  If you need to change your project scale or would like to see more details on what is included in each scale you can do so from the overview screen. Click on "Select" to review the Project Scale packages provided by Emprove.

2. The Project Scale packages are listed smallest job size to largest job size in order from top to bottom.  You can scroll down each list to see how Emprove defined the extent of work associated with each package.  Pick the package that best reflects the amount of work you are looking to undertake, and then customize the scope as necessary by clicking the "Customize" button at the bottom of the screen.

3.  The question asking for you to select the Project Quality is simply trying to discern the quality standard you are looking to achieve for your project.  We understand that this is somewhat of a subjective question.  So we have provided some additional information describing how many homeowners generally fall into each Project Quality category we've defined.  Either click here, or the "i" icon on the website for more information.  The reality is, most people fit within the "Best Value" or "Practical" categories.

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