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This article serves as a guide for homeowners as they complete the style step of creating a project plan:

OBJECTIVES of this step:

For the homeowner to:

  • Customize their Styleboard.
  • Resolve the type of material they prefer and/or can afford.
  • Add Styleboard images from your own photo library

TIPS for this step:

1.  First, complete your Styleboard. Click on a scope category within the Styleboard to change or add the "Style" image for each category.  On the left-hand side you will find the various items you have "Liked" from the design catalog within each category in addition to a series of stored default images.  A change in item selection on the left-hand side will cause a corresponding change in the Styleboard.

3.  As shown in the image above for Lavatory Faucets, Decorative Lights, and Accent Wall Finish, you will find a generic icon in the Styleboard if you have not yet "Liked" an item in the design catalog within that particular category. You can either select one of our stored default images, or by clicking on "BROWSE" you can return back to the catalog to browse more design ideas, or upload your own image.

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