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This article serves as a guide for homeowners as they review the scope for creating a project plan:

OBJECTIVES of this step:

For Emprove to present a project plan summary to the homeowner.

TIPS for this step:

1.  The pie chart summary is a great way to visualize where you're spending your money.  If the cost distribution doesn't feel right across the different scope categories, then click the down arrow next to each category to adjust your project plan.

2.   Delete any items that you may not need by clicking on the trash can icon on the far left.

3.   We provide a list of scope items that we did not include in the initial project plan, but that you may consider adding.  Scroll to the bottom of the scope list to review these items.

4.  The other way to add a scope item is to create one from scratch yourself by clicking the "ADD ITEM"on the top right of the list.  You will then be prompted to build the specifications of your new item.

5.   You can also edit each of the scope items listed by clicking on that item. Here you can add in your own picture and leave any additional notes for the contractor. By clicking on the additional item details arrow this allows you to adjust the corresponding Grade, Type, Size, and Finish. Take note the effect each change has on your budget!

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