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This article serves as a guide for homeowners as they complete the first step of converting their project plan to a Project Pricing Brief (brief) document that contractors will consider as they provide their price:

OBJECTIVES of this step:

1. For the homeowner to specify the earliest start date that their project can start.  Note:  Emprove defaults this value to the date immediately following the completion of the Pricing Process.

2.  For the homeowner to advise of the latest preferred completion date for the project.  For example:  If you're hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your house you would want to specify a latest completion date that is BEFORE Thanksgiving day.  If you don't have any upcoming constraints then you can leave this field blank.

3.  For the homeowner to advise of preferred daily work hours that the contractor should consider.  We have defaulted these hours to the typical 8am - 5pm. but you can adjust per your preferences.  Note:  The contractor's price will typically increase if narrow work windows or odd works hours are identified.

4.  For the homeowner to identify if weekend work is allowed.  

5.  When you're all set, click "Next"

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